Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kamikochi, the trip II

Kamikochi meadow

Kamikochi landscape 2

Kamikochi forest

river in Kamikochi


Kamikochi, the trip I

Did you go to the toilet before the traffic jam starts?
(Has ido al lavabo antes de que empiece el atasco?)

Kamikochi bus

Kamikochi landscape 1

Welcome to the beautiful Northern Japan Alps

Lake view I

Lake view II



raccoon or tanuki

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Varios 2008



The new one in the local skyline

rice fields

my ”playroom” in 芸大

Prohibido practicar golf!

Japanese truck

About cars...

Nagoya highway I

Nagoya highway II

GMC (Back to the future)

Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII

(el regalito)

Toyota beef curry

We are the Champions!

Oééé... oéé, oéé, oéééé... we are the Champions...


Recently we got an oven...

How to spread the eggs

Mam`s "empanada" recipe

British decoration!?

That´s it!