Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow in Nagoya II

Izakaya (居酒屋), kind of pub


the channel with snow


path with snow

white cars

fighting the snow

Snow in Nagoya I


Nagoya street with snow III

Nagoya street with snow II

in the bus from Kanayama to Nagoya University

is freezing outside!

Nagoya street with snow I

waiting the bus

kumano kodo IV

Nagoya skyline

dryed sweet potato

farmers village

abandoned tea house in the mountains

cedars on the trail

"not Kumano kodo"

dinner in the ryokan II

dinner in the ryokan I

kumano kodo III

onsen in the ryokan II

onsen in ryokan I

ryokan in Kawayu onsen

Kumano kodo trail

Yunomine onsen II

preparing onsen tamago
(boiled eggs)

Yunomine onsen I

kumano kodo II

Kawayu onsen II

Kawayu onsen I

praying in Nachi

ceremony under the waterfall

Nachi waterfall

Nachi waterfall from the base

Nachi shrine with waterfall

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kumano kodo I

interior del templo

templo III

templo II

templo I

camino en Kumano kodo I

vista de las montanas en la prefectura de Wakayama

area de servicio

galletas de gamba y chocolate


shrine surroundings III

shrine surroundings II

shrine surroundings I



1st of January

招き猫(welcoming cat)

japanese car in New year

おみくじ(fortune paper)


in the shrine