Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magome-Tsumago II

Tsumago-Magome bus

dried kakis

(I wonder what is written here)

oyaki master

natural heat



Tsumago house II

Tsumago street

liquor store

shoe shop

Tsumago house I

Magome-Tsumago I

water mill on the road

P. and inuchan

outside the rest house

irori (囲炉裏), hearth or fire place

inside the rest house

rest house on the way to Tsumago

ring the bell to avoid bears

hiking trail

Magome II

Be Bear Aware!

Magome I

Yabuhara ski resort weekend

Kinochito house

Yabuhara slopes III

Yabuhara slopes II

M. san


Yabuhara slopes I

my not bulgarian friend

the ski rest area

white hills

early morning