Sunday, April 12, 2009

Action! 10th anniversary II


students, teachers and their families

my cake (y solo mio)

me, myself and I

the band

Action! 10th anniversary I

Anniversary cakes

My cake (this week was also my birthday)

Maggie's cake

the crazy one's

Spanish students

party food

Action! Language Academy welcome's you

Hanami II


sakura leafs


channel II

channel I

celebrating the hanami in Tsurumai park

Friday, April 3, 2009


Cherry blossom trees are blowing all around the city. Spring is finally here!

cherry blossom tree I

cherry blossom tree II

cherry blossom tree in a row

cherry blossom picture

cherry blossom tree III

cherry blossom tree V

taxi driver under a cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree VI


temple building and stones

temple building and stairs

Murasaki Shikibu began writing The Tale of Genji here


Outsu city and the Biwa lake

temple building and path

temple main building

view from the main building

offering to the Gods

temple building (another view)