Thursday, September 2, 2010


cascade in Lake Inawashiro

Lake Inawashiro III

Lake Inawashiro II

Lake Inawashiro I

Rotemburo in Zao san

mountain vegetation

Okama lake view I

Okama lake panoramic view

Okama lake in Zao san


Belle said...

The photo with the boats is amazing. I love all the other ones too.

Artsdeco said...

Wallpapers for blogger :

Jailbreak Iphone said...

Great places, might say. I like them !

Aimee said...

Great photos, esp the lake and the boats. Feels like it took me to different places.

Paths In Clay said...

Can i really comment in a way that says something more than what everyone else has said? This is the essence of natural Japan... so I assume. I haven't been there! But wow do these pictures make me think that I need to get there and before I am old enough to create a bucket list. Outstanding color, subject matter, and compositions.
IS there anyone that is willing to critique my blog? Looking for feedback.

jailbreak iphone said...

A very special place!

Fogra said...

Nice snaps dear..especially the view of boats and of the carp..
Kindly visit